Social Media Marketing

We weave engaging narratives, tell powerful stories and work tirelessly to shape them into perception.

We innovate and create intersections to bring forth the best possible growth solutions for our clients. Ehany inspires brands and people to impact the world through communications.

With our approach of Attract- Engage- Connect- Inspire action.

We’re reinventing the earned media environment. Through our offering of ever-expanding capabilities, we position our clients to make big moves.

public relations

Redefining the meaning of communications and media in a changing world.

We help you find synergy between the story of your brand and the objectives of your business. Through our work, we manage, transform and improve media relations, investors, clients, employees, and political stakeholders.

Public communications management

Set the pace and be in control of communications, whether online or offline media channels.

Crisis management

Crisis management is not only about being reactive to proactive and transparent throughout the crisis but also about avoiding crises or sub-crises from happening in the aftermath.

Event promotions

From event design to creating awareness and buzz around the event, we help get the word out through media channels and set up interviews.

Content development

We design compelling articles that can create narratives that can help you create or change perceptions through our storytelling skills.

Managing your communications across channels.

With both our digital and offline media skills, we help you create or manage your reputation across all media.

We maintain outstanding relationships with influencers in all arenas of lifestyle, entertainment and business.

Reduce resistance with a core message and narrative behind the figures and make them stick by designing programs.

A thoughtful mix of earned, paid and own channels to create the best effect and meet customers everywhere.

With print, paid search, display, paid social, promotions, sponsorships—media planning is more complex than ever, connect with a professional to help you.