Uganics Activation

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Sales Activation & Brand Awareness

Partnering with Uganics, we embarked on a journey to elevate brand awareness and drive sales for their innovative products. Leveraging a multi-channel approach, we orchestrated targeted brand awareness campaigns on radio, conducted engaging roadshows, and implemented strategic sales campaigns in schools, markets, and various retail outlets. Through these initiatives, Uganics was able to establish a strong presence in the market and effectively communicate its mission of providing safe and sustainable hygiene solutions. By directly engaging with consumers in schools, markets, and other community settings, we not only raised awareness about Uganics' products but also fostered trust and credibility among the target audience.
Our B2B sales efforts proved instrumental in expanding Uganics' distribution network. By forging partnerships with pharmacies, supermarkets, shops, and hotels, we ensured that Uganics' products were readily available to consumers across various touchpoints. Overall, our collaboration with Uganics exemplifies the power of strategic marketing initiatives in driving brand growth and sales success. Through innovative campaigns and targeted outreach, we helped Uganics make a meaningful impact in the market and achieve its business objectives.