Delab Kokono Experiential

Content Creation

In collaboration with Amref, Ehany Marketing Agency embarked on a mission to empower Ugandan mothers through Delab's innovative product, Konono – a 3-in-1 plastic baby cradle designed to protect infants from malaria, falls, and other risks. Our objective was clear: to create compelling content that resonated with Ugandan mothers and showcased the value of Konono in ensuring their babies' safety and well-being.
Through a blend of impactful storytelling, captivating videos, and engaging photos, we crafted content that tugged at the heartstrings of Ugandan mothers. By highlighting the unique features and benefits of Konono, we successfully captured the attention and trust of our target audience.

Advertising & Experiential Campaigns

We executed strategic brand awareness campaigns on social media platforms, reaching over 2 million impressions and generating significant buzz around Konono.
Our targeted sales campaigns in hospitals and markets, focusing on areas with high concentrations of mothers, proved highly effective. We engaged mothers during antenatal visits, leveraging one-on-one interactions to educate them about Konono and facilitate direct sales.
Through our comprehensive approach to marketing and sales, we not only raised awareness about Konono but also empowered Ugandan mothers to make informed choices for their babies' safety and health. The partnership between Delab, Amref, and Ehany Marketing Agency exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic marketing initiatives in driving positive change and improving lives.
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This message to certify the professionalism of the Ehany team, which supported De-LAB and its partner (the NGO Amref Health Africa) on a 30-day market activation journey. The Ehany team was always helpful and quick to provide answers, as well as professional in conducting field activities. Even online, the content they developed was always of high quality and they never took any action without the client's consent first. Due to the good management of the Kokono project, we recommend Ehany for social impact projects to follow up on.
Lucia Dal Negro, PhD

Founder & CEO

De-LAB srl Società Benefit