Unijoy Diapers

Driving Online Success

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Ehany's Partnership with Unijoy

We take pride in our partnership with Unijoy, where we’ve spearheaded the brand’s online presence with remarkable success. Managing Unijoy’s online brand community, we’ve cultivated a dedicated following of 5,000k engaged members and facilitated 168k profile visits, showcasing the strength of Unijoy’s brand appeal.

Strategic Digital Dominance

Through strategic digital campaigns, captivating content, and consistent engagement, we’ve propelled Unijoy to the forefront of the market, reaching an impressive audience of 245,000. Our efforts have not only strengthened Unijoy’s brand equity but also solidified its position as the leading baby diaper brand in South Sudan.

social media management

Localizing Brand Identity

Unijoy is more than just a product – it is a symbol of love, care, and community

Through a comprehensive content creation strategy encompassing videos, photos, and product photography, we sought to portray Unijoy not just as a brand, but as a trusted companion on the journey of parenthood in South Sudan.

Building Brand Equity and Dominating the Market in South Sudan

With a keen focus on storytelling, community building, and targeted outreach, we've fostered strong connections with Unijoy's audience, instilling trust and loyalty in the brand. Our partnership with Unijoy exemplifies the power of effective online brand management in driving market dominance and sustained success.

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