Pay Per Click Management

Marketing and Experientials

At Ehany we understand that customer insight is the key to effective marketing strategies, our relentless need to achieve growth keeps us in the loop on the consumer journey, consumer influence, and what the customer values, we help brands design experiences and communications that enhance emotional connections with customers.

Consumer Experientials

Product launches, brand activations, and behavior change activations are the most practical yet effective marketing tool that works because brands get to connect with customers on a personal level.

Strategic Marketing

It is always a question of what, how, when, and where plus being able to answer this is the primary key to success. we help brands with effective marketing tactics and tools.

Well-rounded perspectives to achieve effective marketing.
Let’s work together to build you a marketing strategy that can help shape, refine, and grow your business. The best results come from a seamless integration of branding, design, development, and marketing strategy. All skills and specialties are synchronized around a common goal. It’s what makes us special.
digital marketing


We have a clear approach to marketing from the discovery process that invloves understanding the market, customer needs, and wants to development where we design a customer driven market strategy  and construct an integrated marketing plan that delivers superior value, builds profitable relationships and captures value from customers through analytics and reporting.


We asses your marketing Needs, client / category Research, profile target demo then Identify challenges and determine goals whilst keeping up with the  analysis of  your competition


We start with creative strategy and design, then do a  media research to determine a media mix and establish recommendation plus a media plan and then determine key success Metrics



We’ll take a forensic look at your business processes, getting down the nitty-gritty and asking difficult questions. It’s important for us to understand exactly where your business is at-wants and all. A solid marketing strategy doesn’t achieve much if different aspects of your business are pulling in different directions. We conduct growth audits that help us see the bigger picture ensuring that every aspect of your business is working in tandem to encourage growth.


Reporting & Analysis

By taking an all- in approach, we are able to consistently achieve excellent and measurable results. Our completely honest approach creates an atmosphere where we help our clients grow, both in short and long term.What makes a good report is ability to capture beyond numbers, we asses how customers respond to every tactic and create a comprehensive analysis and report.